Nutrition is the thread that runs deep through my entire life, my education and profession. It is an extraordinary and special challenge for an expert to guide parents to find the most fitting and comfortable way to nurture their baby.

I have been full-time employee as a lactation counselor for 17 years, 15 years of which was spent at the Breastfeeding Centre in Amsterdam and the last 2 years at the Boezemvriend. In 2014 I graduated as an acupuncturist at the TCMA in Utrecht.

The effect of acupuncture to restore physical and mental balance around the birth-process, also effects lactation in a positive way.

This year I began my own lactation counseling and breastfeeding practice.

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Lactation Counseling Practice
Denise van Mulkom

Cellphone: 06-38722978

IMC Visana
Schalk Burgerstraat 17
1092 JW Amsterdam

Yoga Studio Nzinga
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1056 ES Amsterdam

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